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Il Mercato COVID Safety Plan

Our business is following COVID-19 safety protocols

  • Keeping 2 metres between staff and guests
  • Using physical barriers where necessary
  • Limiting parties to no more than 6 patrons
  • Posting signs to ensure 2 metres distance respected
  • Providing hand sanitizer for all guests and staff
  • Collecting contact information for one person in every party
  • Assigning tables and ensuring parties remain separate

Additional Safety Precautions

  • All employees to sign off on agreement outlining potential illness, travel, safety precautions. Any employee travelling out of the country will commit to a 14 day isolation on return during which they will not work.
  • All employees have temperature checked with a non invasive laser thermometer to ensure temperature is within normal range. Health form is completed upon arrival by all staff. Any fever or illness will require 14 day isolation prior to return to work. Temperatures will be recorded to establish a baseline for each individual.
  • One guest at each table will be required to provide contact information for the purpose of contact tracing should this be unexpectedly necessary. Personal guest information collected will be kept confidential and destroyed at the end of a safe incubation period.
  • Seating capacity has been removed for phase 2 of re-opening and will be added only once deemed appropriate and safe by provincial health officers. 2 metres distance has been maintained and all guests may request to be moved to a different table should this make them feel more secure.
  • All deliveries are recorded including time and date. Packaging is removed prior to entering the kitchen and disposable gloves are utilized for all receiving.
  • Washroom occupancy is limited to one person at a time, a sanitizer station has been placed in the washroom foyer. Washrooms are attended and sanitized every half hour.
  • An employee circulation pattern has been established maintain distances between employees.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed at all entrances and in the washroom foyer.
  • Hand washing timer has been implemented as a reminder to STOP and wash hands. Washrooms are sanitized at this time and all door handles and sprayed with sanitizer and wiped clean.
  • All employees have been provided to all other employees for their personal safety and is optional for those in heavy communication roles (cook/server).
  • Daily huddle at two metres has been established to re-visit critical risk reduction activities and answer questions/address concerns.
  • Takeout boxes will be delivered to guests wishing to take home leftovers. Leftovers will only be handled by guests.
  • Staff and guests to wear masks at all times, unless seated at their table.

In addition to our overall Covid-19 risk reduction strategy, we hope you will find these additional precautions reassuring.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask for our General Manager, Hailey Gliege or please feel free to call proprietor Trevor Jones at any time 250-309-5305.